Invest in the Cassava Processing in Nigeria

The cultivation of the improved cassava varieties by farmers in Nigeria has enhanced the position of Nigeria as the world-leading producer of cassava with production output of 45 million MT of fresh cassava root in 2014. However due to the lack of modern logistic, infrastructure and technology only about 30% of fresh cassava root are processed into finished products which are mainly cassava flour and cassava starch. Therefore, we oversee an opportunity for foreign investment in the cassava industry in Nigeria.
4 months ago

International Job Vacancy: Expert in Cassava value chain

The Expert in Cassava value chain will work with our team on the development of a commercial cassava plantation and an integrated cassava processing plant (cassava starch, waste to animal feed, waste to energy).
Applications are closed
6 months ago

Smart International Consulting's Services

Smart International Consulting proposes services and manages projets in agriculture, agro-industry, renewable energy and foreign investment.

Job Vacancy: Experts/Engineers specialized in Open Technology

Smart International Consulting implements for its international customers the agro-industrial projects in Nigeria, Africa and Southeast Asia. We believe that the sharing economy played an important role in order to empower the agricultural value chain for the benefits of the farmers in the host countries.
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a year ago

Job Vacancy: Senior Consultant specialized in Sugar Refinery

Smart International Consulting is looking for a short-term (6 months) Consultant specialized in Sugar Refinery. He/She will join our Senior Consultant Team to conduct a full assessment of an existing sugar refinery.
a year ago

Invest in the Quinoa Plantation and Processing in Egypt

Ancient grains, and quinoa in particular, continue to be popular health foods in Western countries. Because of this trend, food and beverage producers are increasingly using these grains in their products. In fact, grains like quinoa and spelt are beginning to make their way into products where one might not expect to find them, such as chocolate and beer.
2 years ago

Job Vacancy: Agricultural Trader

This role will be responsible for sourcing, purchasing and sales of agro-commodities (cassava starch food grade and pharma grade, bio-ethanol, sugar, pepper, coffee, rice) and seafood products (shrimp, tuna). You will also track market trends and develop new trade opportunities and product development.
2 years ago

Job Vacancy: Quality Assurance Manager (Agro-commodities and Seafood)

Performs required inspections to assure finished products conform to customer specifications, company standards and regulatory requirements. Inspections shall verify that products meet food safety and regulatory requirements using established procedures at prescribed frequencies.
2 years ago

Job Vacancy: Agribusiness Manager

Our Group is based in Singapore with manufacturing plants in Nigeria and Cambodia. We export agri commodity from the Southeast Asia and West Africa. The Agribusiness Manager will work to develop successfully our trading unit.
2 years ago

Job Vacancy: Senior Consultant specialized in Palm Oil Processing Plant

Smart International Consulting is looking for a short-term (2 months) Consultant specialized in Palm Oil Processing Plant. He/She will join our Senior Consultant Team for a 2-month field study in Nigeria.
2 years ago

Tax Incentives, Exemptions and Relief for Investment in Myanmar

All foreign investors who wish to invest directly in Myanmar are obliged to obtain an MIC permit. For foreign companies that wish only to offer services within Myanmar, no permit is required; these companies can start operating their business after they have become incorporated according to the Myanmar Companies Act.
2 years ago

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