Thick Film Resistor Market: Demand for Engaging User Interfaces Ups Revenue Earnings

As per a recent report launches by TRENDS MARKET RESEARCH the Thick Film Resistor Market for is set to surface a valuation of US$ xx MN by 2026

Thick film resistors are being produced by firing a special paste onto the substrate. The paste is a mixture of glass and the metal oxides. Thin film has got a thickness in the order of 0.1 micrometer or even smaller, while the thick film is around thousands time thicker in comparison to that. However, the main difference is the method the resistive film is applied onto substrate. Thin film resistors have got a metallic film which is vacuum deposited on an insulating substrate.

There are multiple factors which is driving the growth of the thick film resistor market. An average PC contains more than 1000 thick film chip resistors. These thick film resistors are being heavily used in the computer electronics & peripherals, mobiles and tablets and other types of consumer electronics devices. One of the major factor which is driving the growth of the thick film resistor market is that the manufacturers of the thick film resistors are heavily investing in the research and development, for the purpose of increasing the efficiency of the thick film resistors. Other factors which can accelerate the growth of the thick film resistor market is the speedy growth in consumer electronics and automotive market.

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These thick film resistor are one of the primary component used in the automotive components & consumer electronics products. The market is expected to further increase due to increasing consumer spending & increasing global investment. However these thick film resistors are made in huge volumes, thus a large amount of money is being invested & any change in technology which could full-fill the existing needs, provided with the additional features & low-cost could act as the substitute to existing product. As the new technology could further help to reduce the final price of the end product.

Thick film resistor market can be segmented on the basis of types, end-use industry and geography. By type, thick film resistor market can be further sub divided as thick film high voltage chip resistors, thick film chip resistors, thick film low resistance chip resistors & Power resistors. On the basis of end use industry, the thick film resistor market is divided into consumer electronics, automotive, telecommunications, industrial automation and others.

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Key players operating in the Thick film resistor markets include Vishay Intertechnology, ROHM semiconductors, Panasonic Industrial Devices & Solutions, Yageo Corporation, TT Electronics, , Bourns, KOA speer electronics, Johanson Dielectrics, Ohmite, Caddock & others. In order to gain the competitive advantage in the industry these players are actively involved in organic & inorganic growth strategies like collaborations, partnerships, agreements, and new product launches to get better position into the market.

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