By Kosona Chriv, Founder of, Co-Founder of Deko Holding
With the convergence of artificial intelligence, 5G, IoT, blockchain and additive manufacturing technologies, we are at the dawn of disruptive innovation that will impact businesses and enterprises worldwide.
In 2019, mobile phones and desktop computers with AI GPUs will become cost effective therefore enterprises worldwide will be able to start implement AI in their daily operations. Businesses should consider open source tools such as tensorflow and PyTorch in the development of their AI solutions. 
We welcome in particular the following AI solutions that are open source or free:
PlantVillage Nuru: a free mobile application that use AI to help farmers diagnose crop disease   
The Acumos AI Platform: Acumos standardizes the infrastructure stack and components required to run an out-of-the-box general AI environment. This frees data scientists and model trainers to focus on their core competencies and accelerates innovation.
Steven Van Vaerenbergh maintains a list of Blockchain projects for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, please check it at
More than ever, in 2019, aims to share experience learned and use cases on the above disruptive innovation so our visitors and members will get the necessary information to replicate or to start the implementation of these technologies in their own operations.
We also believe that the production chain from raw materials to end products should be climate friendly therefore we will continue to share posts and articles on the use cases of clean technologies in agriculture, manufacturing, production and supply chain.
The economic development of the developing countries (in particular Asia, Africa and MENA region) is also among our concern. We will continue to advocate the technology transfer and foreign investment in these regions. In particular, we will continue to show case how these regions can benefit from technologies for their own development. 
Technologies start-ups and social enterprises are leading the way of doing business in the 21st century therefore we will continue to help them catch funding and business opportunities worldwide. We encourage corporations worldwide to email us their call, challenges, announcements or posts for start-ups. We will be happy to publish these posts free of charge.
In the era of the creative economy, we can work together for a better world, let get inspired by innovation and win together.
Happy New Year 2019

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