For a young entrepreneur, transforming an idea into a viable business venture is a very challenging task.


They have to deal with many tasks that are not related to the core of their expertise such as:

  • Fund raising

  • Team building
  • Corporate Management and Corporate Governance
  • Day to Day management
    If you plan to start a startup in agritech, foodtech or any food industry 4.0, Smart International Consulting can accompany you during the initial phase of your venture.

    We can provide the following:

    1. Test bed to verify that your idea is commercially viable 

    2. Seed capital

    3. Office Space and office facilities

    4. Management of your Administration, Human Resources and Finance


    After the preliminary period of 3 months, if we conclude that your business venture is innovative and can be profitable, we will help you get funding from International Corporate Investors.


    Please get in touch today to see what we can do together.


    Please email your concept paper (1 page A4 max) to then we will revert to you with our advise.
    Smart International Consulting
    Skype: adalidda
    WhatsApp / Telegram: +85577778919
    As an international consulting firm, Smart International Consulting is committed to keep all your documents strictly confidential. We protect your Intellectual property and Copyrights on your materials.
    Right now, we offer this nurturing services only to the citizen of the Asean countries.
    About Smart International Consulting
    Founded in 2005 in Cambodia, Smart International Consulting is now an international consulting firm with offices in Cambodia, Singapore and Nigeria. Smart International Consulting assisted foreign corporations on their investment projects or market entry projects for the Southeast Asia and West Africa. Smart International Consulting developed and uses open source technologies for its projects in agro-industry, food processing and renewable energy.

    Illustration Photo: 2016: Fourth year horticulture student Jesse Lafian with a prototype of his new soil moisture sensor. (credits: Jesse Fafian / University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences / Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0))


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