By Kosona Chriv (Email:, Senior Consultant at Smart International Consulting

With its annual GDP around 6-7% during the latest 10 years, Cambodia enjoys a fast economic development and started to move its economy from an intensive labor to more value added products. With development, competitiveness, productivity and quality become the main concern of Cambodian Entrepreneurs therefore the used of the new technologies become critical to Cambodian Enterprises. Unfortunately, these technologies are made oversea therefore the acquisition costs are high and the costs are a barrier to a wide spread adoption among Cambodian Entrepreneurs.

We oversee a potential to develop a medium and long term strategy to position Cambodia as a Regional Research and Innovation hub with the long term result, the rise of technology innovation made in Cambodia.

We propose the following concurrent development phases:

PhaseIn CambodiaIn the ASEANCountries with large Cambodian community
Phase 1: 2017-2020
  • Encourages Cambodian students to continue their study to a PhD degree in Sciences and Technologies.

  • Encourages large Cambodian groups to have a specific budget dedicated to Research and Development.
  • Promote Cambodian students to attend PhD degree in the prestigious Asean Universities.

  • Encourages PhD candidates from the Asean countries to develop their Research projects in Cambodia.
  • Encourages fresh PhD’s Doctors (Cambodian descents) to stay 2 or 3 years in Cambodia in order to continue their Research.
Phase 2: 2021-2025
  • Inspire from Make in India strategy to set up a Make in Cambodia strategy.
  • Encourages Asean Corporations to establish their Research and Development Centers in Cambodia.
  • Encourages corporations from the Countries with large Cambodian community to establish their Research and Development Centers in Cambodia. They could employ Cambodian Researchers (local or expatriate).
Phase 3: 2026-2030
  • Set up an Innovation Park in Cambodia where Universities, Research Centers and Corporations are all located in one place.
  • Encourages Asean Corporations to establish their Innovation centers in the Innovation Park.
  • Encourages International Corporations to establish their Innovation centers in the Innovation Park.


Research Scopes

Cambodia is a country with abundant agricultural resources therefore we suggest starting with Research and Innovation with agriculture focus:

  • Encourages International Food Manufacturers to have their Research and Innovation Centers in Cambodia for products targeted the Asean and the Asia Pacific.
  • Research in Agriculture Technology (IoT, Drones, Software and Hardware specific to agriculture)
  • Research in Agriculture waste to Energy
  • Research in Renewable Energy (biomass, cellulosic ethanol, biogas, etc…)

The Digital Economy is a promising industry therefore Research and Innovation in the Digital Economy should also be encouraged.


We welcome the initiative like Inno-Tech Festival Cambodia 2016 which will help to develop the awareness on Innovation in Cambodia. We strongly believe that with more than 70% of its population under 30 years old and a large pool of Master Degree students, Cambodia have all resources to become a Country of Research and Innovation. The success of Make in India campaign and the success of China are due in large part to their strategy to make India and China’s attractive to Researchers and Entrepreneurs from Indian and Chinese descents at the beginning and to talented International Researchers on the long-run.

Photo: Solar Panels installed on a rooftop in Cambodia

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