Major players operating in the global Computational Creativity Tools and Services Market are IBM Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Google, Inc., Autodesk, Inc. Amazon Web Service, Inc., Adobe, Inc., Humtap, Inc., Jukedeck, ScriptBook NV, AMPER MUSIC, AVIA TECHNOLOGIES, Cyanapse Limited, FireDrop and Automated Creativity.

Computational creativity is considered as the application of various computer technologies to study, stimulate, emulate, and enhance human creativity. Computational creativity involves research and experiments with an aim to explore innovative ideas and thought processes in fields like literature, art, cuisine, architecture, music and engineering. Artificial intelligence (AI) is often applied by computational creativity to generate things that were considered impossible for computers such as written works of fiction, sculptures and paintings. Tools that help in attaining these creativity of the computers are called the computational creativity tools. There are many companies that believe that computers can achieve the human-level creativity. Artificial general Intelligence has creativity as an essential component, which helps in finding solutions of unfamiliar problems. Machine learning and deep learning is mostly used for the computational creativity applications.

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The Computational creativity tools and services market has vast growth opportunities in the coming years. The market has also grown at a significant rate in the past couple of years. The drivers of the computational creativity tools and services market include adoption of automation of creative tasks. Artificial intelligence, Machine learning is implemented in the automation of the creative tasks. Thus, implementation of these advanced technologies as well as need of implanting intelligence in order to reduce the workload of humans is driving the computational creativity tools and services market.

Moreover implementation of creative process also leads to improvements in the creative process. Faster adoption of advanced technologies as well as digital revolution taking place in many regions is expected to drive the market at a considerable rate. However, security issues and considering the error rate can be restrain of the market. Opportunities of the computational creativity tools and services market include growing funding and investments in computational creativity startups. Computational creativity includes linguistic creativity, musical creativity, visual and artistic, creativity in problem solving

The global Computational Creativity Tools and Services market can be divided based on component, application, and region. The component segment of the market can be categorized into solutions and services. Solutions are further divided into software tools and platforms. While the services are categorized into professional services and managed services. The application segment is further bifurcated into marketing and web designing, product designing, music composition, photography and videography, advanced video gaming development and automated story generation. Marketing and web designing is expected to hold the largest share in the forecast period due to its ability to assist workers quickly and easily build creative website simply with a few clicks. The use of computational creativity is also used vastly in marketing and branding as high adoption of creativity can be implemented in this field.

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Region wise segmentation of the global Computational Creativity Tools and Services market involves North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. The Computational Creativity Tools and Services market in North America is expected to grow at a significant rate, as maximum vendors of operating in this market are based in this region. Moreover, the region is leading in adoption of advanced technologies. Highest digitization rate of this region also has a positive impact on the market. Further, increasing usage of Computational Creativity Tools and Services in automotive and services and consumer industry is driving the market in this region. APAC is also expected to have a drastic growth for the computational creativity tools and services market.


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