Nigeria had a population of 174 million people and should reach 440 million people by 2050. Therefore the need for investment in infrastructure, energy and manufacturing are huge.

The Administration of President Buhari had set development priorities on 4 selected sectors:

  • Agriculture
  • Power
  • Manufacturing
  • Housing

On behalf of an international corporate investor, Smart International Consulting is managing a project to establish an economic zone specialized in technologies innovations. This economic zone will use renewable energy and green technologies for its own infrastructure.

Through our business in Nigeria, we are able to accompany your foreign investment there. We can offer turn-key project management for your investment.

We are specialized in the management of investment projects in the following fields:

- Agriculture: crops plantations, farming under greenhouses

- Aquaculture: sea shrimp farming, tuna farming

- Food

- Renewable Energy: biofuel, solar and wind energies

- Industrie 4.0 and new technologies


For further information, please contact Smart International Consulting

WhatsApp/Telegram: +85577778919

Skype: adalidda

Twitter: @Adalidda @AdaliddaFRA and @Consultingfdi


Illustration photo: Women in Keny peeling cassava outside a hut (Credit: Angela Sevin/Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.0)



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The smart international counseling is the counseling by the various smart ways to make the climate good and advance. The topic is about the rating for the rate of investment opportunity in agriculture with the renewable resources of the food and energy matters.