Objectives of Cluster Development

  1. To strengthen industrial value chain leading to creation of future industry base
  2. To build investment competencies to attract value added investment, from both existing and new projects, to invest in Thailand
  3. To decentralize developments to regional and local areas, and create business opportunities for SMEs

Investment Incentives for Industrial Cluster

1. Tax incentives for super cluster

  • 8 - year corporate income tax exemption and additional 5 - year reduction of 50 %
  • For Future industries with significant importance, the Ministry of Finance will consider granting 10 - 15 years corporate income tax exemption 
  • Import duty exemption on machinery
  • Personal income tax exemption for renowned specialists to work in the specified area, both Thai and foreign

2. Non-Tax incentives for super cluster

  •  Consideration of granting Permanent Residence to the leading specialist
  •  Permission for foreigners to own land to implement the promoted activities

Obligatory Conditions to Receive Cluster Incentives

  • Must have cooperation with academic institution / research institution / Center of Excellence in the cluster to develop human resource and improve the level of technology e.g.
    • Cooperation in the Talent Mobility / Work - integrated Learning / Co - operative Education / Dual systems
    • Cooperation in development of human resource or technology as approved by the Board of Investment
  • Must apply for investment promotion within 2016 and must start operation within 2 017 to accelerate investment, unless under necessity i.e. large - scale project, the BOI will consider relaxation as deemed appropriate.

2 provinces are dedicated to Digital Industry Super Cluster: Chiang Mai and Phuket

Target Activities

  • Software ( Embedded Software, Enterprise Software, Digital Content)
  • Cloud Service
  • Data Center
  • Software Park
  • Movie Town
  • Thai Motion Picture Production and Motion Picture
  • Supporting Services

Measure to Support Digital Cluster

  • Development of High Speed Internet System to equivalent the average global speed of 24.4 Mbps (At present, Thailand’s Internet Speed is 20 Mbps, Chiang Mai and Phuket is 15 Mbps, while Singapore is 104 Mbps)
  • VISA and Work Permit Facilitation or Granting of Permanent Residence to foreign IT specialists
  • Accelerate Digital Government Reform increasing e-Service and Open Data


Source: BOI

Photo by DTAC: DTAC 4GVo LTE


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